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Sigma Air Manager


Sigma Air Manager
Complete System Control For sequencing and monitoring up to 16 compressorsSigma Air Manager (SAM) combines Kaeser's decades of compressed air expertise with the latest industrial control technology. More than just a simple sequencer that balances load hours or cascade controller, this air system controller provides a variety of tools to manage your air system in real time.

Clear display
Logically structured menus are displayed in plain text. The graphic display has a resolution of 240 x 128 pixels. Pre-assigned function keys simplify parameter settings. Any one of 30 languages, including Chinese and Japanese, can be chosen.

Pressure band control
Sigma Air Manager provides ...

Flow Controller

Flow Controllers

  • Models: KFC Series
  • Capacities: 250 - 3750 scfm
  • Pressures: 145-200 psig
Kaeser Flow Controllers (KFC) separate the supply side from the distribution system. Controllers create "real" storage within the receiver tank by accumulating compressed air without delivering it downstream. Total air consumption is reduced by virtually eliminating artificial demand and substantially reducing leakage. Stored compressed air is available to satisfy demand spikes without pressure drop or requiring stand-by compressors to engage.

KFCs can be installed easily in new or existing compressed air systems.
Important features and advantages:
  • Maintains stable system pressure and reduces leakage losses
  • Keeps tools and ...

Air Main Charging Systems


Compressed air dryers and filters are designed and rated to treat specified volumes of air at specific conditions. If system pressure is not present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, air moves through clean air treatment equipment at unusually high velocity when the system is re-started. Until full operating pressure is reached, dryers and filters will not work to specification resulting in contaminants being swept downstream

Kaeser's Air Main Charging System prevents excessive velocity by automatically opening and closing to maintain a set minimum pressure in the supply side of the air system and slowly charging the main distribution piping. This not only ensures correct air quality but also protects and extends the ...
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