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Kaeser Desiccant Dryers

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Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Dryers

  • Model: KAD series
  • Capacities: 40 to 5400 scfm at 100 psig
  • Pressure dewpoint: to -100 °F
Kaeser Adsorptive Desiccant dryers (KAD Series) employ a heatless regenerative design to produce pressure dewpoints as low as -100°F. Solid-state controls with adjustable cycle timers allow KAD Series dryers to be easily adapted to user requirements. The optional purge saver control dramatically increases efficiency at reduced flows, and includes active tower lights and a switching failure alarm.

KAD dryers are ideally suited for moisture sensitive applications such as electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing and brewing.

Important features and advantages:
  • Eight settings available to ...

Wall-Mounted Desiccant Dryers

  • Model: KADW Series
  • Capacities: 5 to 25 scfm at 100 psig
Kaeser Adsorptive Desiccant Wall-mounted dryers (KADW Series) are fully enclosed in a ready-to-install cabinet, and feature a control panel on the exterior for easy monitoring. KADWs are delivered completely assembled, piped and wired, fully charged with desiccant. Units can be mounted virtually anywhere to conserve floor space. Filtration packages are also available.

Heated Regenerative Desiccant Dryers

  • Model: KED & KBD Series
  • Flow rate: 300 to 4300 scfm
  • Pressure dewpoint: down to -40 °F
Kaeser Blower Purge (KBD) Dryers are heated regenerative desiccant dryers that produce dewpoints as low as -40°F. Using activated alumina and large, specifically designed desiccant beds, these dryers cycle air through twin towers and alternately drying the air via adsorption and regenerating the "wet" desiccant. KBD dryers provide the greatest energy savings by introducing atomospheric air and heating it for regenerating the desiccant. The heated air has a higher capacity for adsorbing water and provides more effective regeneraion while also eliminating the need to use costly compressed air.

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