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Kaeser Refrigerated Dryers

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High Temperature Refrigerated Dryers

  • Models: HTRD
  • Flow capacity: 20 to 145 scfm
Kaeser High Temperature Refrigerated Dryers (HTRD) are specifically designed for use with 5-25 hp piston compressors. Containing an aftercooler, refrigeration units, filtered separator and a condensate drain, these high temperature refrigerated dryers remove moisture and contaminants from the air providing clean, dry air suitable for most shop tools.

Important features and advantages:
  • Designed to handle high inlet temperatures to 180°F
  • Stainless steel, plate-type heat exchangers are compact, durable and efficient
  • Integral filter helps remove moisture, hydrocarbons and solid particles
  • Condensate drain automatically discharges liquid from dryer without ...

Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers

  • Models: TAH 4 to TCH 35
  • Flow capacity: 12 to 123 scfm
Non-cycling Refrigerated Dryers
Kaeser's H series dryers are hot gas bypass valve-controlled for reliable performance - even when operating under high ambient temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. Constructed from high-quality, industrial materials for a long service life, these dryers offer a very low pressure drop. Our proven stainless-steel heat exchanger technology maximizes performance and consistently produces dewpoints as low as 35ºF. Integrated automatic drain traps quickly and automatically remove condensate for optimum dryer performance, and the reduced footprint minimizes space requirements.

Secotec Cycling Dryers

  • Models: TA5 up to TF 251
  • Flow rate: 20-885 cfm at 100 psig
Compressed air contains water vapor. As this air travels through compressed air piping it cools and the vapor condenses into liquid condensate. This condensate increases maintenance requirements and affects product quality.

Kaeser Secotec® dryers condense and remove moisture before it attacks your system. These reliable dryers feature the energy saving Secotec cycling control. Secotec dryers operate the refrigerant compressor only when necessary by using a thermal storage medium. The refrigerant compressor cools the medium to a predetermined temperature and then cuts off, allowing the medium to cool the air and condense the water vapor.

Important ...

Energy Saving Dryers

Colling Air

Cooling Air Units

Some industrial processes and equipment require cold, dry compressed air. Such applications include cooling molds and parts to increase production rates in plastics, metal and glass production, cooling cutting tools to extend tool life in machining operations, and maintaining inks at a consistent temperature in printing plants.

Product description
Kaeser Cooling Air (KCA) units are non-cycling refrigerated dryers without an air-to-air heat exchanger to provide the pre-cooling/re-heating function. Compressed air goes directly into the air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger (evaporator), where it is cooled. In normal operation the outlet air temperature is 40°F.

Simple and durable
The KCA ...

High Pressure Refrigerated Dryers

Kaeser’s HT Series refrigerated dryers are specifically designed for high pressure applications, such as leak testing and PET bottling.

Accurate Temperature Control
An automatic, self-regulating hot gas by-pass valve maintains evaporator temperature and consistent dew point without freeze-up. Adjustments for load and ambient temperature changes are not necessary.

Built-in Features
Smooth surface, self-cleaning, stainless steel plate heat exchangers resist fouling and maintain high heat transfer and low pressure drop for the life of the unit. Plus, they are fully insulated to preserve cooling effects.

HT Series dryers feature staged separation to effectively remove large moisture loads. Built-in ...

TX Refrigerated Dryers

Water is extremely harmful to compressed air systems!
Hot compressed air contains a large amount of water. In fact, at 75°F and 75% relative humidity, a typical 25 hp compressor will generate 6 gallons of water every 8 hours. As the saturated air moves downstream, water vapor cools and condenses into liquid. As a liquid, water promotes rust and corrosion in piping, tools and product. Rust leads to air leaks and pressure drops. Maintenance and repair costs on pneumatic equipment increase, products can be ruined, and production time is lost. Kaeser’s TX Series refrigerated dryers efficiently remove the harmful moisture by cooling the air and forcing moisture to condense. Once condensed, the water is removed from the system by a ...
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