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All Categories > Compressed Air Treatment & Breathing Air Systems > Sterile Compressed Air & Gas Filters & Culinary Steam Filters  

Sterile Compressed Air & Gas Filters & Culinary Steam Filters

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Sterile Filters

Atmospheric air contains a mass of pollutants including dust, water aerosols, hydrocarbon and other gaseous contaminants by the addition of liquid oil, oil aerosols, oil vapor, (if an oil-lubricated compressor is used) liquid water, water aerosols, water vapor, pipe rust and scale as well as any extra micro-organisms that may be living, growing and multiplying in the compressed air lines. All of these unwanted, contaminants will arrive at the point-of-use of a compressed air system but can be removed by various filters depending on the level of clean compressed air required.

The 3A Accepted Practices for Supplying Air Under Pressure in Contact With Milk, Milk Products and Product Contact Surfaces, Number 604-05 recognizes the need for clean compressed air in the food industry. It pertains to the sanitary aspects of the equipment and filters used in the supplying of air under pressure for contact with food, food products, other comestibles, product contact surfaces and solution contact surfaces or primary and secondary contamination refer to Section D6 of the 3A Practice and 'final filters', for their location and use.

The ZANDER HB Series air sterilizing filter is fully validated and 100% efficient at retaining micro-organisms. HB filter installation must be preceded by proper equipment based upon high-quality compressed air system best practices and ISO standards to ensure clean, dry, oil-, water- and particulate-free air is supplied to the inlet of the HB sterile filters. Please consult with your ZANDER representative for further information on Microfilters, dryers and carbon adsorption modules.

Steam Filters

Steam is used in many areas of the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry for sterilization of containers, piping and filter systems. Steam is used in almost all branches of industry for the heating of factory halls and workshops, for cooking or smoking foods (e.g. jams, sausages, ham, preserves), for vulcanizing (e.g. in the manufacture of car tires), for heating wash water and for driving turbines and pumps. Steam is a particularly economical medium for transferring large quantities of energy over long distances. It is also easy to produce, as water is a plentiful natural resource. Steam does, however, pick up a considerable amount of rust particles and pipe scale through the pipe system and these particles often affect the downstream process. For example, sterile filters may become damaged, the service life and function of valves and equipment may be reduced and the quality of food that comes into contact with dirty steam may be negatively affected. It is therefore of enormous importance to filter the steam with a Zander Series D-, HS- or DPL- filter corresponding to the application.

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