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Energy Saving Systems

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Our unique Kaeser Energy Saving System (KESS) simulates the various power requirements of different compressed air system scenarios.

Performed as a preliminary air system evaluation, our trained experts complete a detailed questionaire and record basic air system information. A customized KESS report will estimate energy consumption and suggest two scenarios for system efficiency improvements – along with an explanation of the potential benefits of a detailed, data-based compressed air evaluation like Kaeser’s Air Demand Analysis (ADA).

Performed in conjunction with our proprietary ADA, KESS uses the critical data gathered to find the most cost effective and energy-efficient solution for the specific application. Unlike other "one size fits all" solutions, a variety of equipment and system options can be considered and evaluated allowing Kaeser to provide the most customized assessment available on the market today.

Can my facility benefit from KESS?

Air system inefficiencies may be hurting your bottom line with avoidable maintenance, high energy costs, and production waste. Compressed air system leaks, inappropriate uses, inefficient controls and inadequate storage hurt productivity and interrupt production.

Here are some questions on compressed air efficiency to consider:
  1. Have I calculated the energy costs associated with my air system?
  2. Do I know what my air demand is?
  3. Have I ever measured pressure drop in my piping?
  4. Have I ever tested for leaks?
  5. Do I have secondary storage or controls separating air supply from distribution?
  6. Do I have a stable supply of air at all points of use?
  7. Have I been able to resolve high scrap rates or product quality issues because of malfunctions in air-operated equipment?
  8. Has adding compressors to a low-pressure problem improved system performance?
  9. Have I contacted my local utility or energy service company to see if rebates or other incentives for energy reduction are offered?
If you answered "no" to any of these questions above, we can help. Let us be your partner in creating an energy efficient system optimized for production and maintenance.

The Kaeser Energy Savings System is a no-cost, no-obligation basic system evaluation… and the process is simple. An authorized Kaeser representative visits your site and completes an air system questionnaire. Based on this "snap shot" of your system’s operating conditions, Kaeser engineers will analyze your system for potential savings and recommended adjustments.

We’ll generate a KESS report with estimated energy consumption and two scenarios for system improvements - along with an explanation of the potential benefits of a complete compressed air audit like Kaeser’s Air Demand Analysis (ADA).


Air Demand Analysis Broch
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