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Martech Breathing Air

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Breathing Systems

It is a fact that isocyanate paints, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, oil vapors, and other toxic gasses are extremely hazardous to your health. While working in contaminated air spaces, the use of a supplied air respirator is mandated by OSHA [29CFR 1910.134 (d)(1)]. A NIOSH approved supplied air respirator must be provided with Grade "D" breathable air.

Martech Services Company's Quality Air Breathing Systems remove moisture, oil vapors, gaseous hydrocarbons, dirt, rust, scale and other potentially dangerous contaminants, to provide clean, safe compressed breathing quality air. Then the on-board carbon monoxide monitor continuously samples the supplied air for compliance with current OSHA standards.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) when compressed, becomes a very toxic air contaminate. It reduces the ability of the red blood cells to carry the necessary oxygen to the body tissues. This potentially dangerous condition is extremely hazardous, when you consider that carbon monoxide is absorbed twice as fast as oxygen. This is true even when the supply of Oxygen is abundant. All breathing air compressors can intake carbon monoxide and other contaminants. Therefore it is imperative that all supplied breathing air be properly monitored.

OSHA and CSA Regulations:
This Table will show the maximum allowable contaminant levels as regulated by OSHA and CSA. All Martech Services company's Systems are designed to comply with these regulations.

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Item #

Carbon Monoxide (CO) by Volume

Carbon Dioxide (CO) by Volume

Hydrocarbons(condensed) by Weight


OSHA 10 ppm 1000 ppm 5 mg/m³ Slight
CSA 5 ppm 500 ppm 1 mg/m³ Not Detectable
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1 
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