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Air Main Charging Systems

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Compressed air dryers and filters are designed and rated to treat specified volumes of air at specific conditions. If system pressure is not present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, air moves through clean air treatment equipment at unusually high velocity when the system is re-started. Until full operating pressure is reached, dryers and filters will not work to specification resulting in contaminants being swept downstream

Kaeser's Air Main Charging System prevents excessive velocity by automatically opening and closing to maintain a set minimum pressure in the supply side of the air system and slowly charging the main distribution piping. This not only ensures correct air quality but also protects and extends the life of treament devices.

Component Function

Air Main Charging System consist of three main components: a pressure switch is adjusted to the desired set point, a 5-way solenoid control valve combined with adjustable nozzles precisely controls to eliminate swings in pressure and velocity, and either a ball valve or butterfuly valve to create minimal pressure drop and provide for manual override. Kaeser offers a variety of systems to meet you facility's specific requirements.

Three System Configurations

Minimum Pressure Valve

This simple unit does no require electricity and is ideal for smaller air systems with up to one inch diameter air lines. The pressure is adjustable between 58 and 145 psig.

Ball Valve
This unit features an electro-pneumatic, full-bore valve and is ideal for air systems with 1/2-3 inch nominal diameter air lines. The pressure is adjustable up to 232 psig.

Butterfly Valve
This unit features an electro-pneumatically driven, insertion-type butterfly valve and is perfect for large air systems with pipe diameters up to 12 inches. The pressure is adjustable up to 232 psig.

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Item #

Valve Type

Connection Size

Max. Working Temperature


item-1160 Minimum Pressure Valve 1/2" NPT 176 °F 2.2 lbs
item-1161 Minimum Pressure Valve 3/4" NPT 176 °F 2.4 lbs
item-1162 Minimum Pressure Valve 1" NPT 176 °F 3.3 lbs
item-1163 Ball Valve 1/2" NPT 212 °F 8.6 lbs
item-1164 Ball Valve 3/4" NPT 212 °F 8.8 lbs
item-1165 Ball Valve 1" NPT 212 °F 9.5 lbs
item-1166 Ball Valve 1 1/4" NPT 212 °F 10.4 lbs
item-1167 Ball Valve 1 1/2" 212 °F 12.6 lbs
item-1168 Ball Valve 2" NPT 212 °F 15 lbs
item-1169 Ball Valve 2 1/2" NPT 212 °F 22 lbs
item-1170 Ball Valve 3" NPT 212 °F 26.5 lbs
item-1171 Butterfly Valve 1 1/2" Flange 122 °F 13.2 lbs
item-1172 Butterfly Valve 2" Flange 122 °F 19.8 lbs
item-1173 Butterfly Valve 2 1/2" Flange 122 °F 24.3 lbs
item-1174 Butterfly Valve 3" Flange 122 °F 28.7 lbs
item-1175 Butterfly Valve 4" Flange 122 °F 39.7 lbs
item-1176 Butterfly Valve 5" Flange 122 °F 48.5 lbs
item-1177 Butterfly Valve 6" Flange 122 °F 72.8 lbs
item-1178 Butterfly Valve 8" Flange 122 °F 103.6 lbs
item-1179 Butterfly Valve 10" Flange 122 °F 141.1 lbs
item-1180 Butterfly Valve 12" Flange 122 °F 198.4 lbs
  Results 1 - 21 of 21 1 
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